When thinking about a Mediterranean Style Diet, some may think that you only eat flavors/foods traditionally found in nations abutting the Mediterranean Sea (olives, pita bread, goat cheese, vegetables, lamb…) and this might limit you and may not offer much variation. Not true! A Mediterranean-Style Diet offers unlimited variations and interpretations of flavors and food combinations.

It’s exciting to discover that when preparing Mediterranean-Style foods, it’ simple to incorporate any flavors you love and make your meals taste like Mexican food, Chinese food, American, Thai… and that is just the beginning. All you need to know is what types of lean proteins, healthy oils, vegetables, leafy greens and what fruits you can use that fit within the diet’s parameters and then learn to season and prepare them the the ways that can deliver flavorful, exciting and satisfying tastes from around the world.

One of Legacy Network’s Food & Lifestyle experts, Lindsey Hargett, will touch on this in the video below.

During the Challenge, we encourage all participants to stick to a Mediterranean-Style Diet as closely as possible. This 21-day experience is designed to “Purify” the system and helps each participant successfully reset their microbiome.

Although our hope is that most people will adopt this way of eating as a long-term lifestyle choice, we believe most people can do anything for 21 days, so it’s no big deal!

After you complete the Challenge, continue taking the products that best support your personal goals and venture out and try new recipes to expand your food options while mostly maintaining consumption of lean proteins, healthy oils, nuts, seeds, vegetables, leafy greens and fruits. We will even show you some healthy treats and deserts you can begin to incorporate when you just need to have a small reward. We are excited to see what you can do!