According to the USA Today article, “Medicine Alone Won’t Extend American Lives”, life expectancy in the USA is decreasing year after year, in spite of the fact the we are spending more than any other country in the world on health care.

Of the estimated $39 billion dollar budget for health research in the USA, only 4% is going to research that may help people live healthier lives. While modern medicine is making great advances, these new advances, if calculated on average, are only adding a week of life to each patient. We need to attack these problems earlier and at the source!  

Americans and some of their Doctors are beginning to turn more to a healthier lifestyle and alternative medicines that may prevent life-threatening diseases rather than trying to treat them once they have grown out of control.

Legacy Network enthusiastically agrees with these strategies of prevention and implore each American to take responsibility for better caring for themselves today, hopefully avoiding these diseases altogether.  

By living a more healthy lifestyle in conjunction with consuming targeted nutritional therapeutics, Scientists now believe you can increase your health and live a more functional and productive life. Isn’t it about time we invest in our future health?